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Barefoot formed in 2013 playing mostly clean acoustic jams in Dylan Heinrich's living room. We played a lot of shows around town, and inevitably our sound started to change.

Eventually we got louder, and our pedal-boards grew, so we rented a practice space in Tempe to write new music. In about a year we had enough material to record an album.

Christian knew a producer, Matt Keller, from when he played drums in Beneath The Surface.  We had heard Keller's work on Something Like Seduction's albums so we hit him up and recorded 'Stories To Scare The Young' at his home studio in 2015.

The following year we recorded 'Yesteryear' with Keller, and in February 2018 we'll be recording our new full length album in his dank den of mystery.

Coming up - December


No shows - prepping to record :)


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Follow Us - Into the Dark